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End of studies project : Part 1

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Let me tell you whom I had the chance to chat about the automotive market with!

As part of my end-of-study project at Studio Montreal of l’École de design Nantes Atlantique, I decided to work on the urban congestion of North American city centers and more precisely the case of Montreal. During my research, I had the opportunity to discuss with recognized specialists in the international automotive market. Quick focus on the profiles of these experts:

Groupe Renault

Design Vision

Jean-Christophe Naour is a UI lead at Renault and has considerable experience at Samsung. He told me about his vision of the vehicle of tomorrow and the work in progress at Renault, as far as what can be revealed


Market differences

Ines Le Bihan gave me an interview from Seattle to discuss the automotive market and the fundamental differences between Chinese and Western consumers.

Groupe PSA

Ethics in design

Morgan Joubert gave me his opinion on innovation in the automotive sector and his concern for the social and ecological issues that this market carries.

These three meetings are part of a great period of preliminary research that can be described as “the first phase”. Much information was obtained, both from the research document side and active or potential users. The fruit of this work can be viewed in a document in French, (I’m still in Quebec) available here!

 Take care, salut!
Header photo by Alexander Popov

Work from home

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In Montreal, as elsewhere, we must continue to work.

I currently have two long-term contracts in progress at Haxio and Tristar for which I am cutting my week in half. We had to adapt and continue to discuss daily with the collaborators the advanced projects, collect as much feedback as possible and postpone the user tests planned in situ.

The two current projects are different, for one the remote work is not a problem and my Sketch / Invision / ZeroHeight method is widely adapted. Several reviews per week and the screens are progressing well, fast enough to be able to quickly start the development phase serenely.

The second project would have required user tests but unfortunately these procedures are on standby because of the confinement. But whatever, the tests are pending but nothing prevents us from advancing and improving the existing one. The essential dialogue with the dev teams is going well.

However, a problem persists. All projects have the tendency to combine communication tools, sometimes several channels per project. When it comes to accumulating call Teams, Skype and Hangouts, I have never been so alert on my calendar. The situation is not excessively comfortable but the whole progress thanks to the will of all the collaborators.

 Take care, salut!

Joining Haxio

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Salut guys, big news!

As part of my first year of master’s in the Montreal studio of the Ecole de design Nantes Atlantique, I have the chance to join the team of Haxio, a future great of the service of vision for manufacturer.

Since its foundation, HAXIO’s primary mission has been to help manufacturing companies reduce the non-quality costs of their production by developing and implementing automated inspection systems. With a team with more than 20 years of experience, more than 300 projects with some of the biggest players in the industry and a global presence in North America, we proudly position ourselves as a specialist in machine vision.

I join the company as a UX / UI designer as well as for all the missions related to the web development. Infact, I have developed the new Haxio site which you can check here:

The big challenge is the development of the professional tool on which I started to work. It will be available to administrators of manufacturing plants as well as operators on the production lines. It looks pretty good at all, some user tests are in preparation!

Big positive point, our CEO Alexandre is very respectful of the work of the designers and is very attentive to the recommendations made to him, it is a treat. Very good atmosphere at Haxio and this while the team is rapidly growing, that’s the start-up environment, and it’s very exciting.

Case to follow therefore at Haxio, but everything looks exciting, can’t wait to share my creations!

Take care, salut!


Good bye my lover, good bye my friends

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Bye bye everyone…

Big new adventure, I’m going to Canada for two years!

Before leaving, last goodbye to all my friends, my family that I leave to work on the other side of the planet.

Very good farewell dinner, and I can’t wait to find you!

Take care of yourself, Salut!