Let me tell you whom I had the chance to chat about the automotive market with!

As part of my end-of-study project at Studio Montreal of l’École de design Nantes Atlantique, I decided to work on the urban congestion of North American city centers and more precisely the case of Montreal. During my research, I had the opportunity to discuss with recognized specialists in the international automotive market. Quick focus on the profiles of these experts:

Groupe Renault

Design Vision

Jean-Christophe Naour is a UI lead at Renault and has considerable experience at Samsung. He told me about his vision of the vehicle of tomorrow and the work in progress at Renault, as far as what can be revealed


Market differences

Ines Le Bihan gave me an interview from Seattle to discuss the automotive market and the fundamental differences between Chinese and Western consumers.

Groupe PSA

Ethics in design

Morgan Joubert gave me his opinion on innovation in the automotive sector and his concern for the social and ecological issues that this market carries.

These three meetings are part of a great period of preliminary research that can be described as “the first phase”. Much information was obtained, both from the research document side and active or potential users. The fruit of this work can be viewed in a document in French, (I’m still in Quebec) available here!

 Take care, salut!
Header photo by Alexander Popov