Group Project


  • Arduino & Processing Video Game
  • Graphism
  • Makers instructions

One week game jam using Arduino & Processing

With three confreres designer, we were given the mission to make a game. Only condition, divert the use of the joystick and have fun. After a week of hard work, Cos (m °) was born.

Tinker a joystick with a chair

In one week, the time is counting to hack a joystick operating system. After looking for various ways of interaction, we decided to use an object that we used since the beginning of our workshop, our chairs. By removing the back and taking advantage of the vertical axis of the back of the chair, we managed to design a big controller, the size of a chair

Panting, connecting, coding, playing...

From the gameplay to a live presentation, Cos(m°) is a project made from scratch.

You have to see it to believe it

A well-made making off, shot and edited by Baptiste Deroche.