Group project


  • Information Website

A wind of freshness, more than necessary

Accessibility study around the web platform. Without an interface update for a dozen years, this institutional site relegates essential information for any European citizen. Our mission was to make them visible and understandable to everyone, everywhere.

Responsive design

Multi support platform

To access the news and the monstrous archives that this site has, our redesign includes a web version and a dedicated mobile version, for use everywhere, with any device.


Without discrimination

In order to make the information comprehensible through the immense diversity of the European Union, we have thought of transcultural interfaces, taking into account the Greek, Latin and Cyrillic alphabets. Accessibility tools such as an enlargement mode, an audio player or a color-blind mode allow everyone to consult all the information, while reducing the boundaries created by certain disabilities.

Four lines of work for an inclusive, neutral, clear and beautiful result.


Without discrimination, every European citizen can claim the same experience on this redesign of


Our redesign rejects any strong graphic bias that can exclude certain cultures and finds its cohesion in neutrality.


Without visual pollution, the user in search of information has navigation based on the hierarchy.


Our work is inspired by the work of big names in graphic design like Otl Aicher and proposes to Europe to adopt an identity far from the current graphic trends, to differentiate itself and become a model platform again.